Company history

July 1983

Foundation of ´BBH Technische Anlagen GmbH & Co KG`, whereby the designation BBH resulted from the initial letters of the names of the establishment partners.

The company targets lie in the context technical education and training. The manufacturing and trading program includes technical training equipment and display models, within the thematic areas automotive engineering, heating engineering, electronics, computer measurement and the development and distribution of computer software.


Januar 1990

Conversion to ´BBH-Technische Anlagen GmbH´, the executive staff and business objectives persists.



Under the retirement of a foundation partner and the assumption of particularly engaged coworkers as partners, the number of firm partners increased in the meantime to 5 persons.


Current situation and further development

After over 25 years of continuous firm development today the company employs an experienced coworker trunk in the mechanical/electronic production and further specialists in the development, documentation, software development, sales and administration within a manufacturing level of 1000 square meter.


Relating to crafts oriented activity of the manufacturing, it requires a well trained regular staff of skilled workers with from ´BBH´ represented topic variety. Accordingly we are provided with coworkers, whose level of education usually contains master training (automotive engineering, electro-technology, mechanical engineering) or a technician and/or an engineer study.


The sales of our devices takes place via own field representatives, who visit potential customers in consultative role. Beyond that our products will be inquired world-wide by exporters and governmental organizations (GTZ, ILO, etc.).


As further activity emphasis the technical building installation of training centers were added. Beside the purely school customers (vocational schools, professional schools, etc.) increasingly considerable industrial users rank among our customer master, which uses our products in the context of fair presentations, the in-plant out and further training, as testbeds and/or simulation structures and for the product examination.


Constantly progressing technology and the training requirements in school and industry, due to it, suggest a turnover-strong market for the products and services of the company also in the future of ´BBH´. The possible turnover potential is strengthened by the increasing world-wide equipment and training requirements of the development and developing countries.